Proud Leo's of AGS Conquer - Sri Lanka

We are proud to announce that the Leo Club of Asian Grammar School was able to win 23 awards at Invenzo 2020, the Annual District Conference of the Leo District 306 C2.

Among these achievements were 5 individual Appreciation Awards, 5 individual Recognition Awards, 4 Second Runners Up Awards and a First Runners Up Award for Most Outstanding Projects. The Leo Club of AGS won The Most Outstanding Project Awards in two categories.

Leo Gaveen Perera and Past President Leo Inod Perera received individual awards and the Leo Staff Advisor Ms. Shehara Azeer was titled the Best Staff Advisor of the Year.
2 members of the Executive Committee of LCAGS were among the Top 5 nominations of the Most Outstanding Awards in the respective category and one among the Top 10.

Finally, the Leo Club of Asian Grammar School won the First Runners Up of the Most Outstanding School Based Leo Club of the Leoistic year 2019/2020.

Congratulations to the Leo Club of Asian Grammar School!