Academic Learning

DSC 18530Asian Grammar School is committed to support each student to develop his/her potential through his/her own personal intelligence in a climate of love and care. In doing this we strongly believe that each and every student is unique and special, therefore every child is smart, provided they get individual attention according to their personal learning styles. In order to promote individual learning styles we offer a students centred teaching and learning environment that engages pupils, develop their endeavour and leads to positive students outcomes with variety of learning strategies, such as inquiry based learning, expository learning,interactive learning and individual learning, project based learning, expeditions, exhibition, cooperate learning, excursions and field trips.

Teaching and learning is supported by professional, qualified and experienced teachers with the use of up to date, current and contemporary technologies. We offer both local and London Cambridge curriculum with the integration of multiple intelligences into the both curriculum. Our day today lesson plans are based on eight intelligences. Namely logical- Mathematical, Visual – Spatial, Musical, Bodily – Kinaesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Natural Intelligences. We have developed a curriculum to promote all the above intelligences from the Kindergarten to year 13 class. While exposing your children to all the intelligences, students are persuaded to achieve high results at the O/L and A/L examinations.