Message From The Chairman

chairman 2017Welcome to the web portal of Giggles International Montessori and Asian Grammar School. This branch established in Matara is operated under Giggles Educational Services pvt Ltd is led by a board of directors with knowledge and experience in educational leadership, finance and management.

The biggest milestone for the Matara branch of our school was the recently opened school building complex. The students have already moved into the new building which caters to modern and spacious classrooms which has no more than 25 students per class. The building is an eco-friendly building with natural lighting and ventilation. During the next phase of the project, facilities such as a swimming pool, labs, auditorium, infrastructure for sports will be provided.

Asian Grammar School and Giggles International Montessori both understand the importance of sustainable living. To support this, eco-friendly practices are utilized throughout the school. Furthermore it practices the concept of ‘Green Productivity’ through which the staff, students and parents work hand in hand to make AGS and GIM a more environmentally friendly educational environment.

The staff at AGS and GIM are well trained and holds a Diploma in Montessori and Primary and Secondary Education. They have completed comprehensive modules in Educational Psychology, Child Psychology , Classroom Management , Montessori methods etc. along with hands on practical experiences. Continuous training throughout the year is provided in order to update the staff with the new trends and the changes in the local and the global education system.

I take this opportunity to wish all at AGS and GIM all the very best.