Our Motto, Vision and Mission

Our Motto



Determination, Discipline and Dedication

Our Vision
To be the best school in Sri Lanka 

Our Mission
DSC 1843Our core mission at Asian Grammar School is “Nurturing children for the real world by providing comprehensive, quality and stress free education in English medium”. Our commitment is to nurture youngsters’ physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of lives and prepare them for life. Hence we believe comprehensive education is not to “know everything” but to enable children to  “ think and reason right” in what concern them in their lives and as citizens, while enhancing and developing social, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of life. Asian Grammar School education offers a motivating and inspiring environment and opportunities for every child’s comprehensive development-bodily, mind, heart and spirit.

Asian Grammar School is far more than a provider of an academically rigorous education. Therefore the paramount objective of our nurture program is to identify children’s inner ability and multiple intelligences from the young age. Moreover our education prepares young children full and active role as informed global citizens with skills, confidence and right attitudes to live and make difference in an ever changing and ever challenging world.

We believe in precision, quality and perfection, therefore we attract and retain qualified and dedicated teachers who model enthusiasm, inventiveness and creativity. Furthermore, we think about our students as special sapling, we care for them and about them we have high expectations of them. Hence, in order to provide stress free education we strongly discourage them going to extra or after school tuition classesinstead we encourage them to actively participate in extra curricular activities.

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