"Eco Thrift" The Tree Planting Project of Asian Grammar School

Asian Grammar School is an eco-friendly school that has advocated for the love of the environment since its inception. Having a strong history of projects carried out within the school including but not limited to diverse projects ranging from annual ‘Shramadhana’ campaigns to preparing a sound environment for disposal of waste around the school neighbourhood. AGS has always worked towards the betterment of the environment. “Eco Thrift” is an Annual trademark event done in affiliation with Environment Online Sri Lanka to mark the 50th birthday of the Principal, Managing Directress, founder of Asian Grammar School and President of the Association of International Schools in Sri Lanka, Mrs. Thushari Koralage.

This prestigious event was held on the 22nd of June 2019 in a 3 acre land at the Kumbalpola forest in Kurunegala, where students, prefects and teachers of the school including a crowd of around 300 people planted close to 1000 trees to commemorate ‘World Environment Day’ that fell on the 5th of June 2019. The proceedings began with the registration of plants with a unique setting where no plastic was allowed to be used all throughout the day. The participants of this project were provided a breakfast to engross the strong local cuisine on traditional and natural ‘nelum kola’. Afterwards Mrs. Koralage along with a few other visitors who shared the same birthday came together to celebrate their birthdays by cutting the cake which was later served on natural ‘nelum kola’.

This was followed by the highlight of the days proceedings; the planting of trees. All participants of “Eco Thrift” took part in actively planting the trees, that were brought with the aid of the Forest Department of Sri Lanka. Celebrating his birthday along with Madam Principal was the Special Guest Mr. Prasanna Solangarachchi who also planted his share of trees along with the children and Madam herself who shared birthdays on the 22nd of June. Other guests including but not limited to Mr. Lalith Gamage Assistant Conservator of Forest Department, a special person who has aided in the many environment-related projects Asian Grammar School has organized over the years, and two members of the Association of International Schools of Sri Lanka Mr and Mrs. Nilam.

Under the magnificent theme “Inspire Green. Enliven Nature” Asian Grammar School through this project will be monitoring these trees and see to that they grow into strong trees that contribute to nature by the year 2025. After representing Sri Lanka during her trip to the World Students’ Summit for Climate Change (WSSC) that was held in Finland on the first week of June along with two students of AGS Chithuni Harinya Wanasinghe and Anuhas Wikramasinghe, she was inspired to conduct this project. This amazing project, spearheaded by Mrs. Koralage, is a step towards endowing nature’s faith in humanity and a symbol to inspire change for generations to come.